Baler monitoring and control system
The baler monitoring system can realize the automatic execution and monitoring of the bundling operation by controlling the rope push rod and the baling chamber cylinder according to the signals transmitted by the strength sensor and the proximity switch.

Detail Introduction

1) With pressure alarm device and multiple sensors, the system performance is stable and the degree of intelligence is high;

2) The strength of both sides of the bale can be monitored, and the density of the bales on both sides can be similar by guiding the user's operation;

3) Automatic bale bale and automatic cutting rope net by controlling the rope net push rod;

4) The molded bale is automatically unloaded by controlling the baling chamber cylinder.


1) Users only need to follow the display prompts to reduce the difficulty of the work and improve work efficiency;

2) Sending nets, wrapping nets, and cutting nets in one go, free from external conditions and temperature interference, stable and reliable;

3) With bale counting function.

working interface:

working interface

system composition: