IGS Guidance system
The IGS autonomous navigation system is based on the old system and is a hydraulic steering navigation. It has a Chinese color touch screen display. High-precision multi-purpose base station with wide coverage and convenient cross-area operation. It can provide a 2.5 cm repeat measurement accuracy for the entire process from sowing to harvesting for any field work in any field.

Detail Introduction

1) 8 inch touchscreen display.

2) High working accuracy (within 2.5cm), reducing overlap or omission;

3) Allowed all-weather work (fog, dust or night), improving the efficiency of your operation;

4) Lower the demand for driving skills, making the operation more comfortable;

5) A variety of guidance modes, cost-effective and scalable;

6) High-precision multi-purpose base station - wide coverage and convenient cross-area operation;

System composition:
  • 8-inch display

  • GNSS antenna

  • Angle sensor

  • Solenoid valve

  • Inertial navigation module

  • Controller